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MLS Spirits Honey Spiced - Gold - International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022

Our biggest achievement to date has been with our Honey. We are unbelievably proud and to announce that we received a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2022. Our Honey Spiced has been voted the top dark rum in the UK and favoured above some of the biggest names across the seven seas!!

MLS Spirits Chocolate Chilli - Silver - London Spirits Competition 2022

This year we made a long awaited return to the London Spirits Competition with our new release with a bite - the notorious Chocolate Chilli. Again our rum was was very well received at the competition and it ended up bringing a silver back to Wales.

MLS Spirits Original Spiced - Bronze - London Spirits Competition 2020

During the year Môr-Ladron was born, our first product Original Spiced preformed in London as the new pirate on the scene. We picked up a respectable Bronze at the London Spirits Competition.

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