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Our Process

We age our rum made from organic Fair Trade Cuban molasses on Gower in reclaimed whisky barrels which have the perfect level of char to give Môr-Ladron its unique taste. Once the rum has been aged to the desired length of time depending on the size of the barrel, we cut it to the correct ABV using distilled water before adding the spices and leaving it up to a week to mature in flavour.

Our Original Spiced Rum uses foraged gorse from Gower, vanilla, orange and a special spice blend.

Our Honey Spiced Rum uses Welsh honey, crystallised ginger, orange blossom and vanilla.  Money from every bottle is donated to help Welsh bees.

Our Chocolate Chilli Rum uses chocolate habanero chillis and Belgian chocolate.

Salted Caramel uses Samphire, muscavado sugar and caramel.

Once ready all of our rum is bottled, waxed, labelled and packaged entirely by hand before it's sent off to be enjoyed.


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